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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Recipes Overview

Pan fried Halibut & saffron stock on courgette & tomato Briam

Bonito Bonito Bonito ! (bonito tuna in 3 ways) *coming soon

Butterflied Whitebait Fritters & Caper Parsley Salsa

Soy & Honey Squid With Yellow Split Pea Puree from Santorini

Caramelised Scallops & Garlic With Lemon-Oregano Oil Fettuccine

Paccheri With Champignons, Ventresca, Cherry Tomatoes & Anari Cheese

Asparagus Samphire & Mackerel Or Tuna Confit Linguini

Ragu of Gurnard with Marsala & Tomato-caper stock

Crisped Halibut With Its Own Stock Reduced, On Roast Garlic & Courgette Puree

Fatty Tuna Slow-Poached In Infused Oil 

Fresh Agnolotti Filled With Wild Mushrooms & pecorino cream In Chive Broth

Tuna Belly Black Gigantes Beans (Ventresca με μαυρους Γιγαντες)

Sea Bass in two ways, with linguine & Sauce Vierge (Λαβρακι με ζυμαρικα)

Beef Fillet Wrapped in Pancetta, On Cavolo Nero & Roast Garlic Aioli

Anchovy reduction - For broccoli, pasta, red or white meats

Sage Lemon Keftedes & Anchovy-Lemon Broth

Pork Belly In Two Ways With Crackling Crisps & Soy

Borlotti Or Green Bean Pennete A La Grecque

Purple Sprouting Broccoli & Anchovy Reduction Linguini

The Awesome Basics pt I ; The Fillet Steak - Beef or Duck Breast

The Awesome Basics (part 1) ; The Trivial Potato

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